Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blankie fiasco

Per would like to emphasize that his trip to Guatemala was, on the whole, quite pleasant and relaxing. However, he did suffer one sleepless night after losing his beloved blankie to the Guatemalan ruins. With a bit of coaxing, Per agreed to share his photologue of the incident below.

Warning: these photos have not been censored - they detail a dramatic and heartwrenching story that may cause emotional distress in some of our younger viewers.

Per talks Pops into downing a few cervezas at the bar atop the ruins.

After one too many, Per loses his blankie over the edge. Pops' hand keeps Per from following the same path as blankie...

The gruesome scene from above.

The gates to the ruins are locked and closed for the night. Per weeps tears of true sadness. Although Per wants to sleep at the gates of the ruins, we finally drag him away from the scene kicking and screaming.

That night, Pops and Per pour over a map of the ruins and come up with a search and recover plan.

The next day, with new resolve, Per is off to find his blankie.

Gates be damned - nothing will stop Per from his mission.

Per searches high and low, near and far - no rock is left unturned.

The end of the day is drawing near as Per climbs one last wall...

When he gets to the top, he sucks in his breath at what he sees.

A dramatic moment takes place as boy and blankie meet.

Per cautiously approaches, suspecting a trap.

Unable to resist any longer, Per reaches out to his long, lost blankie.

Reunited at last, Per vows never to let blankie out of his sight again.

Next time we may think twice about drinks on a terrace overlooking Guatemalan ruins...