Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thanks-giving; Picture-taking

Using Per as bait, we once again were able to lure relatives to our lair.

Lionel couldn't come. 
We thought we'd include a recent photo of him so he wouldn't feel left out...

Halloween Hell

Do other folks torture their 7-week old kids like this?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Speaking of not letting your kid watch TV...

Sometimes we want to watch TV while watching Per, but we don't want him to watch the TV. We came up with a good solution - 

Per thinks we are watching him, he can't see the TV, and everybody is happy. You just have to be smarter than your kid...

More fool-proof parenting tips to follow.

Glimpse from the present - TODAY!

I know that we've not quite kept to our new year's resolution, which was to get you all caught up to the present, so you can see how Per is doing each day. In fact, we are quite behind, as you surely have noticed. Take, for example, the last post dated January 25th, 2009, yet clearly displaying green grass and leaves in the background. Alas, that photo was taken in October. We are months behind. So, here is a glimpse from the present to keep your appetite whetted. And to show you how Per likes to keep occupied each morning. It's said that television is not good for kids under 2 years, but how about the wash?