Monday, March 22, 2010

Per heads south of the borders

For spring break this year, Per decided to try something a little bit different. He stood over a map of the world, spun around once, and let his drool fall where it may. It landed (mostly) on Guatemala - and so Guatemala, it was. As any good traveler, he immediately began to prepare...

He does some preliminary readings to get his bearings...

brushes up on his Spanish...

and hops on the plane - excited for his next adventure (see Trip to Minnesota Zoo for details from the previous adventure).

Per arrives in Guatemala refreshed and ready to bargain for textiles, meet the natives, and tour some ruins.

He surveys the ruins (in this case a 16th century Spanish cathedral) and wonders why it took 500 years - he does similar damage in a week.

Lucky for Per, the café above the ruins has yet to be ruined.

Per recruits Pops for a tour of the rainforest.

Momma wisely stays back to make sure the suspension bridge will hold.

Per meets Mr. McCaw in the forest and lures him down with his expert bird call ("tee-tee-tee", with back of hand on mouth to imitate a curved beak).

After a hike in the rainforest, Per retires to our porch for a much-needed snack.

Again, Per settles in to his ride as he tours the quaint streets of Antigua.

As they should, all of Per's days in Guatemala end with a dip in the pool.

More Per-spective on Guatemala coming soon...