Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ethiopian Journal

Per has just returned from the cradle of humankind. He met with the natives, stalked wild animals, discovered the source of the Nile, had to avoid fire from AK47s, and was forced to slaughter his own meat to stave off starvation. He now knows what true suffering feels like. Needless to say, he is happy to be back in his safe, soft, crib - complete with padded bumper.
Here is Per's travelogue...

All packed!

Anticipating the 16-hour flight to Addis Ababa...

The next leg of the flight.
Per, pleased with himself, asks whether they serve food on Ethiopian Airlines.
His mother informs him how old that joke is.

Helping pack the tarp for the big drive to the park.

Per finds lake Tana, the source of the Nile after a mere 8 months on the planet. 
Suck on that, Dr. Livingstone.

Per digs his new quarters...

Checks out the wildlife...

And, takes the 4x4 for a spin.

Bachelor males, just hanging out.

Per decides he wants a pet monkey.

Settles for a sheep instead. Names him "Scrappy".

Watches in disbelief as Scrappy is slaughtered and roasted over the fire.

Refuses to eat Scrappy

Up close and personal with an AK47

Per (second from left) making more friends.

Per tries to explain to his caretaker that there ARE indeed starving kids in Ethiopia (him).

It works.

Out for a stroll.

Per and Rahel

Conducting more fieldwork.

Won't look at the cow - afraid he'll become the next Scrappy.

Tired out after a long field season.

Job done--time for drinks back at the Hilton.

Per says a final farewell to everybody.